Alternative Lending: Managing Mortgage Affordability.

If you’re seeking a mortgage, but your application doesn’t fit into the box of the big traditional institutions, you’ll find yourself in what’s commonly referred to in the industry as the “Alternative-A” or “B” lending space. These lenders come in three classifications: Managing mortgage affordability in the alternative lending landscape requires careful consideration of several […]

Understanding Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPP) with Manulife: Your Key to Financial Security

In the realm of homeownership, the journey towards securing your dream home involves a myriad of decisions and considerations. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is protecting your investment and loved ones in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This is where Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPP) steps in as a valuable safeguard, providing peace of […]

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) and How Does it Work?

In the realm of financial tools for homeowners, a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) stands out as a versatile and valuable resource. Understanding HELOCs empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their finances. Benefits of HELOC Considerations Before Getting a HELOC A HELOC can be a valuable financial tool for homeowners, offering flexibility, lower […]

Demystifying Mortgage Terms: A List of Mortgage Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know!

Purchasing a home in Canada can be both exciting and overwhelming! Navigating through the labyrinth of mortgage terminology can often feel like deciphering a foreign language. However, fear not! In this guide, we’ll demystify some of the most important mortgage terms and help empowering every homebuyer with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. […]

5 Tips to Manage Financial Stress

With the continued rise of inflation, interest rates and the overall cost of living, the uncertainty can be unnerving for many individuals. But don’t fret! We have some tips and suggestions to help you manage your financial stress and help you to power through these latest economic changes: Regardless of where you find yourself financially, […]

Tapping into Your Home’s Equity with the CHIP Reverse Mortgage

Curious about the CHIP Reverse Mortgage by HomeEquity Bank? If you’re a Canadian aged 55 or older, this financial solution could hold the key to tapping into your largest asset, your home. It’s a unique opportunity that allows you to use your home equity for various purposes, from paying off debts to funding home renovations […]

How a Mortgage Broker Can Save You Money

A mortgage broker is a financial professional who helps borrowers find the best mortgage deals available in the market. They act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, helping you navigate the complex world of mortgages. With access to a wide range of lenders and loan options, brokers can save you time and effort by doing […]

Pros and Cons of Using a Car Mortgage Broker

Working with a car mortgage broker may be a great choice if you want to get a good deal on a car loan. Working with a broker often comes with minimum risk and work on your part because they will act as the middleman between lenders and borrowers who want to finance a car. Their […]

Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing: Is It the Right Move for You?

For most people, a mortgage is the most significant expense they will take on during their life, and this kind of debt requires commitment. It is a must that you structure your mortgage in such a way that you can enjoy your lifestyle while saving money and improving your financial standing. Refinancing your mortgage is […]

Empower Your Mortgage Journey with Dominion Lending – Mortgage Payment Calculator and More

Making informed decisions about your mortgage is crucial to achieving your homeownership dreams. Dominion Lending (Charlene Elliott) understands the importance of empowering borrowers with the right tools and guidance.  This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of using a mortgage payment calculator, provide insights specific to Alberta, and highlight how our experienced mortgage brokers in […]

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