What Happens When Your Credit Card Account Is Closed

What does happen when you close your credit card account? Read below to find out! I have been working in the mortgage industry since 2005. I have had all sorts of clients over the years. Every once in a while I get someone who has a car loan , a couple of credit cards but […]

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Credit Score

Have you ever wished for a simplified guide on how to actually GROW your credit score? Well today is your lucky day! We have had years of experience working with individuals who come to us with poor or damaged credit and we have found 7 steps that prove to be tried and true in fixing […]

Mortgage Brokers Have Solutions

Don’t let the new mortgage stress test rules stress you..  There are options Mortgage brokers have solutions A lot of people are getting stressed out by Canada’s new mortgage stress test. In the past, if you had a good sized down payment (ie 20%) someone with a low income could purchase a home even if […]

4 Key Things You Need To Know About A Second Mortgage

Helpful information about second mortgages! Many homeowners are vaguely aware of the fact that you can take out a second loan on your home. You hear your friends mention it or perhaps a family member close to you has gone through the process—but do you truly know what it means to take out a second […]

Dominion Lending Centres launches new app My Mortgage Toolbox

Dominion Lending Centres launches new app My Mortgage Toolbox For Immediate release August 8th, 2018 Vancouver, B.C. – The nation’s leading mortgage company is making it easier for consumers to navigate the Canadian mortgage landscape. My Mortgage Toolbox is a new mobile app from Dominion Lending Centres designed to be a pocket-sized mortgage guide for […]

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